Over the past 5 years, I’ve always worked effectively on projects and ventures with my team, clients, or partners -whether I’m working from home or on the road running the Super Connect Series with Hays. To build on my recent blog for Hays UK&I on how to be super productive when working remotely, Hays Worldwide has now published a podcast with me on ‘How to Effectively Collaborate when working from home’ covering: – Optimising your home working environment – Adopting tools and technology to support you – Reducing distractions at home – Managing existing responsibilities (e.g. childcare, pets) – Juggling multiple tasks from other furloughed colleagues – Managing expectations with colleagues and clients – Maintaining team culture – The future of work To listen or read the full transcript see below hashtag hashtagWFH hashtag hashtagproductivity hashtag hashtagsuperconnectseries hashtag hashtagworkfromhome hashtag hashtagcollaboration hashtag hashtagstartup hashtag hashtagscaleup
In this podcast, Kosta Mavroulakis, FRSA, Founder and CEO at Empact Ventures shares his expert advice on how we can effectively collaborate with our colleagues whilst working from home: https://bddy.me/2Y71MFi Listen on: Apple Podcasts: https://bddy.me/2zqPBsv Google Podcasts: https://bddy.me/2VXbuY6 Soundcloud: https://bddy.me/2ScdwCG Spotify: https://bddy.me/3eUzX9bhashtagcollaborationhashtagpodcasthashtagteamworkhashtagwfhhashtagworkfromhome